Que Sera Sera

2019 GEISHA INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION v7 original b medium
Foxy Jacks Que Sera Sera (aka Geisha)

Birth: 06-AUG-2017
Sex: bitch
Color: white/tan
Coat: rough coated

Sir: Everseen Jumpin with Symphony
Dam: Du Belle Bijou Mademoiselle

Medical File:
+ Official eye examination: no genetic eye diseases
+ Patellar: clear of patellar luxation
DNA profile: known and free from all hereditary disorders

Titels (from intermed. to champion class):
German KFT Champion 2020
German VDH Champion 2020
BOB x 2 DogLive Münster DE 2020
International Champion
Dutch Champion 2019
Crufts 2020 Qualification
Holland Winner 2019

BOB IDS Christmas Winner NL 2019
Belgian Champion 2019
BIG4 and BOB IDS Kortrijk 2019
BeNeLux Winner Luxemburg 2019
Crufts 2020 Qualification
Luxemburg Champion 2019
Best Belgian Terrier 2018, own-bred
Best Belgian Terrier 2018, short-legged
BOB IDS Eindhoven NL 2019
BOB x 2 DogLive Münster DE 2019
BOB Bornheim DE 2018
Belgium Winner 2018
BOB IDS Brussels Dog Show 2018
Crufts 2019 Qualification
BOB IDS Brussels Trophy 2018
BeNeLux Winner BE 2018
BIS2 KBTC Kortrijk 2018
BOB IDS Kortrijk 2018
BOB INTERRA Kortrijk 2018

Titels (from baby to youth class):
German VDH Junior Champion 2018
BIS & BOB & BOB Junior Dormagen, DE 2018
Belgian Junior Champion 2018
BOS and BOB Youth Liege 2018
BOS and BOB Youth Dunkerque, FR 2018
BOS and BOB Youth Dorsten, DE 2018
Dutch Junior Champion 2018
BIG 4th place Zwolle, NL 2018
BOB & BOB Youth Zwolle, NL 2018
BOS & BOB Youth Clubmatch Woerden, NL 2018
BIG 6th place Tilburg De Baronie, NL 2018
BOB & BOB Youth Tilburg De Baronie, NL 2018
BOB Youth Lommel 2018
BIS Junior 1st place Wieze 2018
BIG 2nd place Wieze 2018
BOB Wieze 2018, BOB Junior Wieze 2018
VDH-Jugendsieger 2018, BOB Junior Dortmund, DE 2018
Luxemburg Junior Champion 2018
BOB Junior Luxemburg, LU 2018
BIS Bonheiden 2018, 3rd place
BIS Puppy Bonheiden 2018, 1st place
BOB Puppy Bonheiden 2018
BIS Puppy Gent 2018, 2nd and 3rd place!
BIG Puppy Gent Terrier Special, 1st place
BOB Puppy Gent 2018, on both days!
BIS Puppy Herve Spring Show 2018
BOB Puppy Herve Spring Show 2018
BOB Minor Puppy Landen Christmas Show 2017
BOB Minor Puppy Brussels Dog Show 2017
BOB Minor Puppy Gorinchem Christmas Show, NL 2017
BIG Minor Puppy Belgian Top Terrier Kortrijk 2017

BOB Minor Puppy Belgian Top Terrier Kortrijk 2017

Geisha, a true Showgirl!

We took this picture right after FOXY JACKS QUE SERA SERA "Geisha" became Dutch Champion at the Dutch Christmas Winner Show in December 2020. Geisha now is both international and multinational Champion.

2019 GEISHA INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION v7 original b medium

The location is the beguinage of Tienen, which is the 2nd oldest beguinage of Belgium, where construction of the early Gothic church started in 1245. In 1976 the church was largely destroyed by a severe fire and the ruin was restored and converted into a walking park in 1997.

Belgium's Best Terrier!

We are extremely happy and proud of Foxy Jacks Que Sera Sera "Geisha" … you go Girl!

She became Best of Group minor Puppy at 3 months, Best In Show Puppy at 6 months and Best in Show 3rd place at only 8 months of age! The day she turned 9 months, she became Junior Champion Luxemburg 2018! A week later she won the prestigious title VDH-Jugendsieger 2018 (Youth Winner) at Dortmund. Still 9 months young, at her very first Belgian Show in junior class, she won Best in Show Junior 1st place, Best of Group 2nd place, Best of Breed and Best Junior in Wieze.

Geisha became Best in Show at Dormagen 2018 (Germany). At only 15 months of age, she achieved the titles of Luxemburg, Dutch, Belgian and German KFT & VDH Junior Champion.

The icing on the cake was when Geisha was crowned as the Best Belgian Terrier own-bred and the Best Belgian short-legged Terrier for her successes in 2018. As reward and recognition, we received the prestigious Mauroy Trophy and the Heerkens-Thijssen Trophy from the hands of the KBTC President.

Because she now is Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg Champion in the adult classes, she received the title of Multinational and International Champion at just 28 months of age!

20190329 KBTC trophy Best Terrier 2018
[19 months] Geisha is Best Belgian own-bred Terrier and Best Belgian short-legged Terrier.

20190202 Eindhoven Geisha BOB kynoweb
[17 months] Geisha became BOB at the international dog in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

20181209 Brussels  Geisha Belgian Winner
[16 months] in Brussels, she became BOB at both days, was shortlisted during BIG and became Belgian Winner 2018

20181118 Kortrijk KBTC Geisha Best SLT
[15 months] in Kortrijk, she won BOB INTERRA, BOB Eurodogshow, Best Short Legged Terrier, BIS 2nd KBTC and BeNeLux Winner 2018

20180908 Geisha-wm
[13 months] getting ready for Dormagen, Germany. She became the best dog of all dogs (BIS)

20180721 Luik BJK BOS BOB Youth water
[11 months] unwinding across the water, after becoming Belgian Junior Champion in Liege 2018.

20180623 Zwolle BOB
[10 months] Dutch Junior Champion, Best in Group 4th, Best of Breed and Best Youth at Zwolle 2018.

20180520 Wieze BISP-Geisha
[9 months] at her 1st Belgian show in Junior class, Geisha became BEST in SHOW Junior - 1st of 65 competing Junior Winners!

20180520 Wieze BOG2-Geisha
[9 months] at her 1st Belgian show in Junior class, Geisha became BEST in GROUP - 2nd of 20 competing BOB's!

20180520 Wieze BOBY en BOB-wmc
[9 months] Geisha became BEST Junior and BEST of BREED. Her mother Noelle was 1st in open class.

20180428 BIS3 Geisha wm
[8 months] Geisha is BEST IN SHOW 3rd place, BEST in SHOW Puppy 1st place and BOB Puppy @ Lovanium 2018

20180211 Herve table Geisha BOB Puppy wmo
[6 months] her very first show in puppy class, Geisha is BEST in SHOW Puppy, amongst 37 competing BOB puppies @ Herve 2018

20171118 Kortrijk Geisha BIG3 MP
[3 months] At her first show, Geisha won 1st place BEST in SHOW Minor Puppy of all Terriers @ Belgian Top Terrier Show Kortrijk 2017

20171118 Kortrijk Geisha BOB MP
[3 months] Geisha is BOB MP - BEST of BREED Minor Puppy @ Belgian Top Terrier Show Kortrijk 2017

Q6-Que Sera Sera named
[7 weeks] first time on a … turn table

Q litter Q6T Que Sera Sera