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Noelle International Champion v1

Welcome to FOXY JACKS!

We are a small kennel from Belgium (Flemish Brabant) that breeds the rough coated Jack Russell Terrier under the LOSH-pedigree, with the kennel name number 14506 and the FCI number 130/2015.

The passion around these magnificent dogs started off back in 1995, where at the age of 7 I received my first rough coated Jack Russell bitch "Chipie". The love for this fabulous breed was ignited.

All our dogs live within a family setting and therefor are very much socialized and friendly amongst each other. Already at their earliest age, they are acquainted to our cats and other domestic animals. To trigger them in every way possible, we introduce them to show trainings and obedience lessons when they are still young puppies. We take pride that our dogs are genuine house pets, even though they participate at international dog shows regularly, where they often win first prize.

We are affiliated with various cynological associations. Furthermore I am a board member of the Royal Belgian Terrier Club K.B.T.C. as general secretary. I have successfully completed the official breeders training at the KMSH and I am teaching at the Lovanium dog school.

If you would like to participate in our passion, please feel free to contact us!

Friendly regards,
Foxy Jacks team

In the spotlights… Lea

Many thanks to our Flemish Minister of Finance and Budget, Housing and Immovable Heritage Matthias Diependaele, Sarah Heuninck and their fantastic kids Odette, Gust, Sander and Marie for trusting our kennel Foxy Jacks! The match between Black Almond Waffles Sugar Dust "Lea" and her new family is a great success. We wish them great adventures!

Familie Diependaele





Welcome home Bella & Gigi …

With great pride we welcome our 2 smooth Fox Terriers. De same litter sisters Ad Belgica Vom Roßgraben "Bella" and Ancienne Belgique Vom Roßgraben "Gigi" are 4 months on this picture. More later!

20230418_AB Bella and Gigi

UPDATE Django Unchained

Many thanks for the numerous requests!
We have now found the perfect home for our youth male "Django"…
We already miss him, but we know how good he is with Hanne ❤️

20230131 django face

Before describing his profile and character, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that not everyone qualifies for this youth male. We are in no hurry, and patiently waiting for the right match and new home for him. As with all our dogs, we are very critical of the families our dogs go to.

Django is an active and very beautiful athletic neutered youth male. He possesses a unique personality, requiring some experience and knowledge of the terrier breed. His stubborn side and clever brain make him an ideal dog to take on a variety of challenges, but can also be tiring in the wrong hands or for those who can't make time for him.

He enjoys spending time outdoors in the garden and enjoys human company. He can spend hours outside in the garden with you without barking. However, he does not lose sight of you and will always stay close to you. He walks exemplarily on a leash in the street without pulling. So the ideal family for him likes to be outdoors, likes to go for walks, and is consistent and patient. He is social with other dogs he encounters, but is not suitable for keeping in a pack, as this causes overstimulation. Because of this we decided to find a suitable home for him; because he really deserves this.

20221110 django walking

Our newest champion Leo!

We proudly present our newest addition 💪 Leo 💪 Pacific History Your Choice. After a long journey, he arrived safely at his final destination in Belgium. This interesting bloodline will strengthen our kennel for the future. Many thanks to the breeder Yulia Novikova & Darina Novikova for their trust in our kennel. ❤️

Leo front large

Jack Russell Terrier in RAKU

Not only fauna, flora and good food are our thing, but we also appreciate real art!
My Jack Russell Terrier, handmade in Raku! I am more than happy with this piece of art! Thanks again to the amazing artist Barbara Apple Rain to create this art! I can't take my eyes off it! It is so beautiful!

JRT Raku Barbara Apple Rain
What is Raku Firing?
Raku firing is an ancient Japanese ceramics technique that has been used for many centuries to create a very unique finish to wares. The Raku technique dates back to the 16th century, traditionally crafted by hand and not thrown on a potter's wheel.
The Raku technique is essentially when glazed ceramics are taken from the kiln while they are still glowing red hot and are then placed in a material that would be able to catch fire, such as sawdust or newspaper. This technique is used to starve the piece of oxygen, which creates a myriad of colors within the glaze. Raku firing without glaze on them means that the oxygen is taken from the clay itself rather than a glaze, which results in some areas having a matte black coloring.
Raku firing creates completely unique pieces as there is never a certainty as to how the final piece will turn out. Raku essentially creates a unique design every time, so there is less control on the outcome.

Our newest boy Banderos!

We are very pleased that we are now the proud owner of this beautiful Champion 🔥Algrafs Banderos🔥!
We are very grateful to Irina Degtiar of Algrafs Kennel for this stately male from Russia, who already has very nice titles and ditto offspring to his name. We embrace his promising future in our kennels FOXY JACKS & BLACK ALMOND.

20220211 Announcement

CORE Top Amassador

As a breeder and dog owner I only want the best for my dogs. After several years of comparing and trying different types of food, I was never fully satisfied with the available food at the time. Then I came across CORE, an excellent grain-free balanced food that my own terriers thrive on. Finally, the long journey for the right food came to an end, thanks to CORE.

Today I am proud to join the CORE family as a Belgian ambassador. I would like to thank CORE and Freek Klijnsma for the trust in our kennel FOXY JACKS. Our next generation of puppies is ready for a bright future thanks to CORE.

20210904 CORE ambassador

Exclusive collaboration with Black Almond kennel

We are proud to announce the exclusive collaboration between Foxy Jacks and Black Almond.
The first result was already there with Black Almond The One. Meanwhile other litters have followed…

Black Almond logo

WOEF: Viktor is the cover model for October 2020

We are extremely proud that one of our offspring has appeared in a renowned specialty magazine for dogs!

Please meet Viktor, FOXY JACKS RAZOR SHARP. He was selected by the editors of WOEF from hundreds of submissions. Viktor is the cover model for the month of October 2020 and represents the Jack Russell Terrier.

WOEF has been the reference magazine for the dog lover since 1964. Over the years, WOEF has grown into a highly appreciated family magazine, highlighting the full spectrum of the "dog as a pet" phenomenon. The magazine is published monthly and reaches about 68,000 dog lovers.

The professional photo shoot was made by www.hondermooi.be

WOEF-cover-okt 2020

Collaboration with other kennels

We were extremely excited to welcome Nabila's Easy Come Easy Go 'Urkki' to our home. Thank you Aletta and Daisy for entrusting the fabulous and charming Urkki to stay with us for a while.

20200809 Urkki-wm-169

The location is the beguinage of Tienen, which is the 2nd oldest beguinage of Belgium, where construction of the early Gothic church started in 1245. In 1976 the church was largely destroyed by a severe fire and the ruin was restored and converted into a walking park in 1997.

Belgium's Best Terrier!

Our FOXY JACKS Kennel received the greatest honor from the Royal Belgian Terrier Club in March 2019 during the general KBTC members' meeting. From the hands of the KBTC President we received both prestigious annual Trophies as reward and recognition for our success in 2018:
  • the Heerkens-Thijssen Trophy for Belgium's Best own-bred Terrier
  • the Mauroy Trophy for Belgium's Best short legged Terrier

20190329 KBTC trophy Best Terrier 2018

Take me to …

A complete experience…

The moment you acquire your pup from our kennel, the journey just gets started. We'd like to offer you a total package!

We counsel and/or accompany you with the education of your pup. Where there is an interest, we can show you how to prepare (groom) for and handle your dog at shows. In addition we organise an annual reunion with all our dogs.

20150124 Binkom snow Noelle 2-24

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